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Cole Apperson – Guitar / Vocals
Ryan Kendall – Bass / Backing Vocals
Wyatt Cermak – Drums / Backing Vocals
Gwendolyn Giles – Backing Vocals
Lucy Giles – Backing Vocals

I’m a mellow fellow my ukulele’s yellow
Mynah bird singing in the tree I say hello
I’m feeling very Zen ‘cause a swell is coming in
You know I pray at the alter of the ocean

Hapa girl working at the Coffee Gallery
Said, “I saw you the oddah day but you was in a hurry”
Kona winds blowing yeah we’re westward bound
Silva’s lighting up like the Rastas in Trenchtown


We surfed until the sun went missing in the sky
Waves thundering like the Fourth of July
Monk seal popped up looked me in the eyes
You know I pray at the alter of the ocean
All rise!

Stopped at Otake store for a fix of crack seed
Last light of day hanging on like a Banshee
Saw the Hapa girl again with her oils and paintbrush
She said “bonfire tonight at Monster Mush”