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Cole Apperson – Guitar / Vocals
Ryan Kendall – Bass / Backing Vocals
Wyatt Cermak – Drums / Backing Vocals

Listen up y’all hey!
I got a rodeo clown in my DNA
I was gonna head south, but I lost my keys
So I ordered out for some Chinese

The senorita is here
She’s the star of a play
Though the plot’s unclear
At intermission they trap air inside of a jar
While grandpa strums an air guitar

Shake a leg break an egg
Wag your tail while you beg
These lyrics are too vague
Sing a Song For Meg

We climbed the steps to her house
Mao Zedong button on her blouse
It was here she revealed the celestial chart
For our rocket trip to find Grant Hart


Here’s where I sing the 4th verse
The first one’s better, but the 3rd is worse
We never found Grant, but we met Bob Mould
I said, “Hidy Ho my name is Cole!”